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Team Information for B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)

Game Schedule:

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Saturday09/22/20189:45 am
T&C 6
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)One World Soccer 10 Boys BlueRainout Game
Sunday09/23/20185:45 pmWBSC 3 Wells Branch UnitedB9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Away Gamesnacks: Lokesh
Saturday10/13/201812:15 pmPavilionTeam Pictures
Saturday10/13/201811:00 am
T&C 6
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Austin Texans Texans 10BHome Gamesnacks: Max
Sunday10/14/201812:15 pm
T&C 5
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)T&C ArsenalHome Gamesnacks: Owen
Saturday10/20/201811:00 am
T&C 5
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)LIVERPOOL FC-CTX 10B ST. JOHNRainout Gamesnacks: tbd
Sunday10/21/20183:30 pmJohnny Morris #1 MSK RAYADOS 10BB9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Away Gamesnacks: Will
Saturday10/27/20189:45 am
T&C 5
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)One World 2010 Boys BlueHome Gamesnacks: Finley
Sunday10/28/20182:30 pmPfluger Park #5 ONE WORLD SOCCER 10 Boys BlueB9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Away Gamesnacks: Mark
Sunday11/04/20184:00 pm
T&C 5
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)One World Soccer 2011 Boys BlueHome Gamesnacks: James
Saturday11/10/201812:15 pm
T&C 6
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Wells Branch UnitedHome Gamesnacks: Benjee
Sunday11/11/201812:30 pmTraditions Field at Marbridge #3 Liverpool FC-CTX St. JohnB9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Away Gamesnacks: Will
Saturday11/17/201811:00 am
T&C 5
B9U+ Waterloo (Brenneman)Liverpool FC-CTX 10B ST. JOHNHome Gamesnacks: Lokesh

Practice Schedule:

Additional Information:

Tuesday 5:30 - 6:30 T&C Field 3
Thursday 5:30 - 6:30 T&C Field 5

Wear Blue for home games 
Wear White for away game.