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Team Information for U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)

Game Schedule:

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Saturday09/15/201811:00 am SA CITY 06B WHITE WESTU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game309
Sunday09/23/201812:00 pm LONESTAR 06B BLACK STHU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game303
Saturday09/29/201811:15 amPavilionTeam Pictures
Saturday10/06/201812:30 pm
T&C 3
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe) DRAGONS PURPLE B06Home Game333
Saturday10/13/201810:30 am
T&C 24
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe) T&C 06B DRAGONS Home Game342
Sunday10/14/20185:00 pm 1 CENTEX STORM 06B BLACKU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game317
Friday10/26/20186:30 pm
T&C 23
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe) LONESTAR 06B BLUE NTHHome Game324
Saturday10/27/20184:30 pm
T&C 3
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe) SA CITY 06B BLUE WESTHome Game360
Saturday11/03/201810:30 am
T&C 24
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)LSC LONESTAR 06B GOLD NTHHome Game369
Sunday11/04/20182:30 pm
T&C 3
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe) BOERNE FC THUNDER 06B NAVYHome Game379
Saturday02/23/201912:00 pm FC DALLAS ALAMO AREA 06B REDU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game395
Sunday02/24/20192:30 pm
T&C 24
U13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe) LIVERPOOL FC-CTX 06B HYYPIAHome Game386
Saturday03/02/201910:30 am24 T&C 06B AUSTIN EAGLESU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game402
Sunday03/10/201912:30 pm FC WESTLAKE 06B WHITEU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game416
Saturday03/30/20191:00 pm SA CITY 06B WHITE EASTU13B S2 Sounders (Lilleboe)Away Game409

Practice Schedule:

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