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Team Information for U11B Spain (Mercado)


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Sunday02/25/20181:00 pm
T&C 20E
U11B Spain (Mercado)NASA 07B CROC COMETSRainout Game
Saturday03/03/20188:30 amT&C 20E T&C StrikersU11B Spain (Mercado)Won 7 - 0
Sunday03/18/201812:30 pmCook 3 NASA 07B CROC COMETSU11B Spain (Mercado)Won 8 - 1
Saturday03/24/201810:30 amPavilionTeam Pictures
Saturday03/24/201811:30 am
T&C 20W
U11B Spain (Mercado)PAYSL 07 Thunder (S18)Won 7 - 0
Sunday03/25/20181:00 pm
T&C 20W
U11B Spain (Mercado)NASA 07B United CrocsWon 3 - 0NASA forfeits - not enough players at kickoff
Saturday04/07/201811:00 amQuarry Field NASA DestroyersU11B Spain (Mercado)Won 4 - 1
Sunday04/08/201812:00 amSan Marcos Five Mile Dam Park 9B San Marcos YSA SURGE DEV WHITE 07BU11B Spain (Mercado)Won 5 - 0
Saturday04/14/201811:30 am
T&C 20W
U11B Spain (Mercado)Austin Texans BraraWon 6 - 3
Sunday04/15/20182:30 pm
T&C 20E
U11B Spain (Mercado)GSA U11B SIDEKICKS Lost 2 - 5
Saturday04/28/201810:30 amGSA 2 GSA SidekicksU11B Spain (Mercado)Lost 1 - 4
Saturday05/05/201811:30 amThe Greens 1 Granite Country PatriotsU11B Spain (Mercado)Lost 0 - 17

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